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Dental Implants

Keep Your Smile Healthy

What are Dental Implants?

We use the most up-to-date technological advances in dentistry to provide you with multiple restorative options under one roof. Enjoy the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth or teeth with modern dental implants from Denti Belli Dentistry.

The permanent solution for
missing teeth

You may feel a missing tooth or two is not a serious problem. However, these empty spaces result in significant tooth movement, which will affect your bite, causing excessive tooth wear, decrease forces of chewing, chronic headaches, and jaw pain.

By replacing missing teeth with implants, patients experience:

  • Improved appearance, speech, and comfort
  • Preservation of surrounding teeth
  • Long-lasting restorations
  • Better oral health
  • The advantages of eating or speaking with confidence

The Next Best Thing to Real Teeth

Why should you choose dental implants from Denti Belli Dentistry?

Look and Feel Natural

Replacement teeth are made to match the shade and shape of your teeth, blending with your smile. No one can tell the difference! Plus, you can eat all of your favorite foods!

Minimally Invasive

Implants fill the empty space without having to damage or grind down adjacent natural teeth.

Long Lasting

Dental implants are cavity resistant! With proper care and good oral hygiene, your implant can last almost a lifetime.

Look Younger

Missing teeth and bone structure may cause your lips to lose support and your cheeks to sink in. These changes to your facial structure and appearance can make you appear older and result in wrinkles.

Time Saving

Replacing missing teeth quickly can prevent the need for extra procedures in the future. Your investment now can save you time and money down the road.

Prevent Bone Loss

After a tooth is lost, it is common to lose both bone height and width. Although bone grafting can replace this bone, the procedure can be uncomfortable and costly. Dental implants can prevent this.

Why Choose Denti Belli Dentistry for Your Dental Implants?

Dr. Taylor understands your needs and strives to eliminate your fears

You’re going to love Dr. Taylor as your choice for a dental implant dentist

Why? Several Reasons.

Have you been thinking about implants but don’t want the inconvenience of traveling and dealing with a different provider? You’re not alone. We understand your time is precious. That’s why we offer the ability to complete complex treatments from start to finish in just one office.

At Denti Belli Dentistry, our priority is your complete dental healthcare experience, which is why we will always strive to exceed your expectations:

  • Committed to Improvement
  • Adopts the Latest Technology
  • Uses Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning
  • Understands Your Financial Concerns
  • Addresses Dental Anxiety

Do You Need Dental Implants?

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What Our Patients Are Saying

I had some dental implants done recently at Denti Belli. From the very start with the consultation, Dr. Taylor made me feel at ease, helping me to understand each and every step of the process and ensuring that we had a plan in place to meet my specific needs.


Renton, WA

Have Questions About Dental Implants?

We have the answers.

Are dental implants painful?
Some people may be anxious about the pain involved in the dental implant procedure. However, with local anesthesia, oral and IV sedation options, most patients report minimal discomfort. You can expect less pain from a dental implant procedure than from a tooth extraction.
How do I care for my implants?

Provide the same dental care routine for your dental implants just like your natural teeth. Make sure to brush, floss, use anti-bacterial mouthwash and receive regular dental hygiene check-ups.

How successful are dental implants?
Success rates for dental implants can vary. But generally, patients enjoy up to a 98% success rate. With proper care, implants can last almost a lifetime.
What are the advantages to implants?
While bridges or dentures are alternative tooth-replacement options, dental implants provide many benefits to replace missing teeth. Your dentist can preserve the surrounding tooth structure. Also, dental implants look and function like real teeth, so you will experience better esthetics and appearance, improved speech, improved comfort, better eating, and increased longevity.
I'm missing several teeth. Can dental implants help me?
Yes! We offer implant-supported dentures (or hybrid dentures) that provide an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. We use the All-on-4® technique to support an entire arch of teeth placing only four dental implants. Your hybrid dentures can be either removable or fixed.

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